The Members of "Browse the Brookfields" located in the town of Brookfield
History Fact:
Brookfield was first settled in 1664 and was officially incorporated in 1718. The town was settled by men from Ipswich as part of the Quabog Plantation lands, though the settlers would be temporarily removed from the lands by attacks during King Philip's War. During the winter of 1776, General Henry Knox passed through the town on his way to Boston with cannon from Fort Ticonderoga to end the Siege of Boston. A marker lies along Route 9 to commemorate the route.

The lands of the town have given rise to three other Brookfields -
North Brookfield in 1812, West Brookfield in 1848, and East Brookfield in 1920

Come Browse Brookfield
Real foods at really good prices !
View from "the Boat Dock" ~ Brookfield
Every October we have the Apple Country Fair on our quaint town common ~ 
The winding Quaboag River flows thru town with nature abounding at it's best. Come share in our countries natural wonders with us ~ 
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